How You Can Overcome Obstacles As A New Trader

Making trading mistakes makes it more difficult to succeed as a trader. Usually, in their early trading careers, new traders frequently confront issues and difficulties, and they can quickly become disappointed if things don’t go according to plan. 

You would have heard my name, Roger Scott, countless times in the trading circle. I also faced challenges in my beginning days but was able to scale through.

I have amassed a lot of experiences over the years and currently, I am the head trader at Wealthpress, a team of experts that provide educational trading services.

In this post, I will discuss five prevalent trading issues, as well as what new traders can do to overcome them.

1. Investing based on feelings 

The fate of your trading career will be determined by your trading psychology and ability to handle emotions. Some traders, no matter how intelligent, are unable to cope with the stress of day trading (the most typical manner that beginning traders approach trading) and fall prey to emotional decision-making.

Making rash judgments based on fear, disappointment, rage, extreme optimism, or greed is the most destructive thing you can do to your bottom line. 

Following your trading plan is the greatest method to keep your mentality under control. A trading strategy will assist you in remaining cool and staying within the parameters of your initial rationale.

2.  Excessive trading 

Overtrading is without a doubt one of the most typical trading blunders made by inexperienced traders. Some traders monitor 20 charts and 10 different currency pairs, and execute 100 trades each day.

They place a premium on number over quality, when it should be the other way around. Chill out a bit! 

Trading more than the market allows is not a good idea. Never chase trading possibilities in the market, and don’t be upset if you miss a five-star trade.

I can guarantee you that there would always be many of them.

3.  Learn how to deal with risk. 

When trading the global financial markets, risk management is one of the most important concepts to grasp. Unfortunately, new traders often overlook risk management fundamentals at first, until they learn the necessity of risk management the hard way – by blowing their accounts. 

For trading to be successful, risk management is essential. Any trading strategy should include it as a vital and well-thought-out component.

4. Fundamentals are vital

Fundamentals are tremendously essential in market movements, despite what technical pundits suggest. When fundamentals shift, important support and resistance levels are frequently broken, and trends can reverse when macroeconomic figures turn 180 degrees. To better understand price changes, learn the basics of the financial instruments you typically trade.

New traders should conduct study and learn the fundamentals. There are a plethora of books and online resources for new investors and traders.

5.  Uncertainty About What to Trade 

There’s a big disparity between what we study and what we really need to know as traders. For some, the challenge is becoming overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge available on Forex, trading tactics, psychology, risk management, and so on.

As a result, I feel that you should become an “expert in your own style”. There is no one trading style that is superior to the others. The person behind it is what makes the difference.

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